cinnamon wafer stacks

We recently visited our very good friends for a lovely informal barbeque. It is coming up to my most favourite time of year – Spring, and it doesn’t get much better than a charcoal barbeque, good wine, great company and the smell of searing meat on a nice warm balmy evening. There was yummy dessert wine on the menu for dessert, so I wanted to take something small and light to go with it.

I came across a great recipe for a quick and easy dessert that was beautifully light and a great accompaniment to the sweet wine. The original recipe also has berries between the layers – which I omitted (for no good reason other than both our husbands not being too keen on fruit in dessert!) I also didn’t add any almonds, but only because I didn’t have any in the pantry. If I make this again I will add a selection of chopped nuts between the layers, which I think will go great with the hazelnut liqueur.

Tip: To get the wafers similar sizes, I printed a sheet with 5cm circles and placed it underneath a sheet of baking paper as my guide.

You can click here to view the original recipe.

…be fearless and have fun!



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