play dough for grownups

I used to love playing with play dough when I was young. All the bright colours, and being able to let my imagination run rampant as I molded all sorts of things with this magic substance. And my mum made the best play dough ever! Thinking back on those very fond memories is making me feel so old. Do kids these days even play with play dough anymore? I know mine sure will one day.

Now that I’m a grown up (whatever that is meant to look like) there is no more time for playing around forming little animals out of play dough and inviting all my friends over for pretend tea parties. That is until I recently discovered the grownup version of this magic substance called fondant. For years I thought it was only professional pastry chefs and people like Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes that has special powers to work with this magic substance. I’m not sure why I have always automatically put it in the too-hard-basket, thinking that little old me will never be able to bake a cake and cover it with fondant.

Then, a colleague asked whether I would be able to make their wedding cake (eeek!), which really left me with no choice but to give it a go. So I read as much as I could about it, watched (what felt like every) Youtube video showing how to roll it out and cover your cake, went to the cake decorating shop and bought a bag of fondant, a special rolling pin and a mat (with measured circles to see how big you should roll it out – how handy).

I went home and seriously had heaps of fun. One of the good tips I picked up along the way is to practice on your cake tin (just turn it upside down and cover the outside). So I got out my gel colouring kit and started colouring. The colours that came out were beautiful and so easy to make the exact shade you’re after. I then rolled out the fondant and had a go at covering my cake tin. With the left over fondant I played around making all sorts of little shapes.

The cake in the  photo is my very first attempt at covering a real cake with  fondant, I made a three layered lemon butter cake with Swiss meringue butter cream and lemon curd for between the layers (yes, still trying to get rid of the lemon curd I made in this post!). I learnt quite a bit, and a few things I will do differently next time, but all I want to do now is bake cakes for everybody! So watch this space 🙂

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