our Christmas table


This year Christmas was at our house for the first time. We had some wonderful new and old friends over, as well as my sister and it really was an amazing Christmas Day. Slightly bittersweet though, as it was our first year away from home. But we embraced a true Australian Christmas with the men all outside barbecuing in almost 40°C weather, and us girls in the air-conditioned lounge sipping on ice-cold ciders. I made sure that all the decorations and table settings were finished the day before and only responsible for a few salads, I had the chance to sit down and enjoy the day with our guests.

For the table, I wanted to go with something light and fun, and moved away a little bit from the traditional colours and decorations. I decided on a colour scheme of pastel blue, purple and pink and really wanted some owls on the table. Out hunting for supplies I came across some fabric with the most darling little owls printed on it and decided to cut them out, stuff them and stitch them together to hang on a branch I had picked up earlier. My sister was a great help with this, as well as painting the branch white. I also made some his-and-her take-home gifts for each guest, for the guys I made a bourbon barbecue marinade and for the girls I made “cookies in a jar” which layers all the dry ingredients and includes the instructions on how to finish the cookies at home. (Recipes to follow shortly!)

bbq sauce

cookies in a jar

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful festive time with family and friends, and may 2013 exceed all expectations!

…be fearless, and have fun!


8 responses to “our Christmas table

  1. este, I spoke on the phone with your parents while I was in Sydney recently and they suggested I look at your blog. I love it and look forward to the updates and your very good writing. Herman


  2. Hi! I recently added another blog and messed up my friends on my original one. Ahhh! I’m refollowing you, so I hope you will do the same with me. Thanks, and I love these creative gifts you made!


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