half birthdays; it’s a thing.


Half birthdays really is a thing. Just ask Pinterest. I even saw grown-up cakes celebrating half birthdays. So baking “half” a cake to celebrate Hadleigh’s first six months didn’t seem that crazy.


Although, I did feel a bit mean allowing him to grab it but not allowing a small bite. So my husband and I each had a little piece and the rest went to the freezer to be turned into cake balls when I need a quick and easy dessert.


I used one of my new favourite frostings..whipped white chocolate ganache. Easy to frost with and surprisingly not too sweet, and of course tastes really decadent.


White Chocolate Ganache
360g white chocolate
125ml pouring cream


  • Heat the cream, without boiling, either on the stovetop or in the microwave.
  • Add the chocolate and stir until smooth (put back in the microwave for a few seconds if needed).
  • Let it cool to room temperature by leaving it out on the counter (for about an hour or two) then using an electric hand mixer, beat until white and fluffy.
  • Note: Although tempting, don’t place in the fridge to cool sooner, I have done this before and it is hard to get it back to a smooth consistency once the cream and the chocolate has started to set in the fridge.


Then I used the new Vanilla Shake m&m’s to decorate, loving the colours!


…be fearless, and have fun!


5 responses to “half birthdays; it’s a thing.

  1. I heard of half-bdays on 90210.
    I thought it was plot device.
    Nice photos. I love the blue and white. It goes well with your little one.


  2. It’s so fun to see pictures of Hadleigh. He is growing so fast. Your cake is beautiful, and I love the idea of white chocolate ganache. I’ve never tried that before, but it sounds wonderful!


    • Thank you Shari πŸ™‚ You’re telling me! I’ve already started thinking about his 1st birthday party!!! Would definitely recommend the white chocolate ganache – it’s the easiest frosting I’ve ever made πŸ™‚


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