geometric birthday cake topper d-i-y

geometric cake

This year Little Bean shared his second birthday party with his bestie Isabella and we decided on a colourful geometric theme. We weaved geometric shapes into every part of the party we could, and the cake sported some fondant triangles to match the party colours.

geometric fondant topper

I wanted the topper to match the base of the cake so I cut out a few smaller fondant triangles to create the number “2”. This will work with any design you may want to cut a number from fondant to use as your topper.

Roll out a base colour (I used black), then lightly score the surface with the cutter you want to use. This is to use as a guide when you start placing the top design over it. Brush some edible glue down the middle of the outline and start placing the triangles (or any other fondant shapes). Make sure the shapes extend past the outline then using your cutter press down. Insert toothpicks in the base and let the topper dry for at least a day.